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  • Graduate

    “At PacRim we exist to challenge and encourage emerging leaders. The academic programs we offer build a solid and comprehensive foundation that allows you to specialize in your area of calling.”

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  • Undergraduate

    “PacRim is passionate about you and seeing you through a process of formation through your college experience both academically and in character through the classes to fulfill your calling both individually and corporate.”

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What Students Say

  • PacRim equipped me for full-time ministry with a hands-on and practical understanding of Biblical Theology.

    Author's imageAllison YoshidaAlumni
  • I think the memories I’ll be taking away from PacRim are the loving and caring faculty. They really care beyond just your academic performance but really how you’re doing as an individual and as a person in the body of Christ.

    Author's imageJason OshiroAlumni
  • God has a mission and purpose for this school. And it is doing God’s work here by reaching out to the multicultural environment and community that exists on these islands. And also to the different countries around the Pacific Rim. He has a plan and He’s using this school as a part of that plan.

    Author's imageJames McElmurryAlumni
  • One of the memories I have from PacRim is just how beautiful the community is and how much of family that this school really is and how close we are and just the relationships I have been able to build over the past four years have just been beautiful… that is one of the greatest things I will ever take from this school is family and community…

    Author's imageMelody BadayosAlumni
  • Being here at PacRim has just completely changed my life and I’ve learned so many things… Coming here in just a loving environment that this place has with the faculty, the staff and the students, I was able to come out of my shell and really learn about the gifts that I have in leadership and communication and that was just awesome to see stuff God has placed inside me that I would have never discovered if I didn’t come here at this school.

    Author's imageMegan KirkAlumni
  • I didn’t expect for God to move so profoundly in the way that He did through the professors and through people speaking into my life, the way He did, and, honestly, being here I know that God’s transformed me to a point in my walk I’ve never been before.

    Author's imageBrandon TacadenaJunior